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HR Advisory Sessions with Local HR Experts

Our support line service gives HR Managers and team direct access to our team of expert HR advisers – by telephone or online. Our experts will work within your company’s own policies and processes; and offer managers’ support from the moment they open a case, to the moment it’s resolved.

Our professionals HR Consultant will help your HR team on change processes, including redundancy, restructure and varying the Terms and Conditions of the employment contract, to drafting and reviewing documentation and providing high volume HR admin support, we can help.

When your pack of policies is out-of-date, they could be doing your business more harm than good. Our approach to HR policy review follows a three-step process:

  1. Understanding HR needs
  2. Creating, rewriting and harmonising your policies
  3. Help to evaluate deliverables after policies implementation.

HR Advisory: Fast and Reliable

Mulai berlangganan bulanan/ semester/ tahunan untuk layanan HR Advisory. Dapatkan bantuan instant untuk solusi masalah HR sehari-hari bersama HR Expert di HRConsulta. Layanan ini berlaku secara online.


Mulai dengan elaborasi latar belakang kebutuhan dan mulai rencana perbaikan.


Periksa konsistensi rencana tindakan dengan dokumentasi HR, dan kebijakan bisnis.


Jalankan solusi secara instant. Konsultasi bertahap untuk antisipasi lebih lanjut.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Mulai HR Project bersama HRConsulta. Tingkatkan standardisasi kinerja dan sistem di Departemen HR Anda.

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