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Professional HR Audit

A Human Resources Operations Audit (HR Ops Audit) is a comprehensive method to review current human resources business process, policies, procedures, documentation and systems to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of the HR function.

Audit Coverage:

  • Overall HR Operations Business Process
  • Man Power Planning
  • Hiring and On-boarding
  • Benefits Arrangement
  • Compensation Payment Process
  • Performance evaluation process
  • Termination process and exit interviews
  • Job descriptions
  • Segregation of Duties within HR Team
  • Form review
  • Personnel file review
  • HR Reporting
  • Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

HR compliance audits can be used for more than just defining risk. They can be used to identify what you are doing right, help you improve inefficiencies, and reduce costs. An HR compliance audit can help you see how HR can better support your overall goals to build a better business.

Audit Coverage:

  • Law 13/2003
  • BPJS Kesehatan
  • BPJS Ketenagakerjaan
  • Income Tax & Report
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Severance
  • Employee Handbook
  • Overtime
  • Working Hours
  • Mandatory Government Reports

Acquisitions has many aspects, but one of the most important is human resources due diligence. When one firm acquires another, it also takes on the human capital behind that firm. A relationship is established between two HR teams as they evaluate human resources policies, procedures, and talent in the team itself as well as the company.

Audit Coverage:

  • Census info
  • Benefits plans
  • Compensation plans
  • Employment agreements
  • Union Contracts
  • Organization Structure
  • HR Compliance risks
  • Pending employment lawsuits
  • Turnover
  • Open requisitions
  • HR technology systems
  • HR contracts/vendor obligations
  • HR Policies
  • Leadership/Mgmt practices
  • Culture/ Values

Rencana HR Audit

Langkah mudah untuk memulai Review/ Audit Departemen HR Anda. Tim Audit kami berpengalaman melakukan HR Audit lintas industri.

Rencana Audit

Dimulai dengan penentuan skala dan luasan audit. Jadwal dan kelengkapan audit disepakati pada fase ini.

Pelaksanaan Audit

Dimulai dengan desk-audit dan dilanjutkan dengan field-audit. Temuan audit akan dikonfirmasi secara tertulis.

Laporan Audit

Tahap pelaporan hasil audit terkonfirmasi berdasarkan bukti lapangan dan dokumen kepada stakeholder.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Mulai HR Project bersama HRConsulta. Tingkatkan standardisasi kinerja dan sistem di Departemen HR Anda.

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