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HR Consultant will take action items based on the scope and scale of the specific change initiative. Whether facing an organization-wide drive to innovate or a business unit’s mandate to improve quality, our HR Consultant will help you with the checklist contains relevant reminders regarding HR’s change management responsibilities. Furthermore, checklist with more details items, will provides a solid point of reference to help our Client embarking on the multifaceted journey of implementing organizational change:

  • Strategizing, Planning and Evaluating;
  • Branding and Recruiting;
  • Managing Performance and Training;
  • Rewarding and Motivating;
  • Redeploying Employees;
  • Communicating and Engaging.

Human Resource Information System (HRIS) often described as Human Resource Management System (HRMS), in the present scenario can serve as a crucial tool in providing a competitive advantage to the organizations. It involves measurement, better management of data and information, equally provide scope for measurement of key HR practices and its outcomes on employee productivity as well as organizational performance.

Key Measurement:

  1. Improving efficiencies within HR Administrations.
  2. Facilitate transparency in the system for Management and Employees.
  3. HR shall focus more as a Strategic Partner, once HRIS is enriched and implemented.

Stay Ahead of the Game. Attracting and retaining talent remains a challenge for many Human Resources professionals. We offer advice on aligning internal policies with industry best practices, and more importantly, advising if your policies need to be updated for compliance with the latest regulatory changes so you can attract and retain talent to stay ahead of the game.


  • Latest Employee Handbook or Peraturan Perusahaan
  • Complete HR Operations SOP
  • Simplified Salary Structures
  • Metric of Benefit Structures
  • Enchanced Job Level Structures
  • Adaptive Segregation of Duties

Rencana HR Improvement

Langkah mudah untuk memulai HR Improvement/ Enhancement di Departemen HR Anda. Tim HRConsulta telah berpengalaman melakukan banyak HR improvement lintas industri.

Rencana Project

Dimulai dengan penentuan skala dan luasan perbaikan HR. Jadwal dan kelengkapan improvement disepakati pada fase ini.

Pelaksanaan Project

Dimulai dengan review dokumen HR. Dilanjutkan dengan proses update, perbaikan, dan penyelarasan dengan tujuan bisnis.

Evaluasi Project

Evaluasi dan fine-tune sesuai dengan kondisi terkini perusahaan. Tahap ini dilakukan pada 1-2 bulan setelah project deliverables.

Let’s Make Things Happen

Mulai HR Project bersama HRConsulta. Tingkatkan standardisasi kinerja dan sistem di Departemen HR Anda.

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